Entry #5

Really sorry for the recent inactivity...

2016-07-23 17:19:40 by NeonPika

I'm extremely sorry for the recent inactivity that's been going on.

 I've been cought up in summer camps and other stuff... And honestly, I haven't been getting any better with FL Studio or anything, so I've also suffered from a loss of motivation.​

Plus, I can't really come up with good melodies...


Oh yeah, plus, The Steven Universe Summerventures and New Soundtrack games are really addictive!​


 I honestly have no idea when my next track'll come out, so sorry about everything that's been going on. To add onto all of this, my parents keep signing me up for summer camps that make it to where i have little to no freetime, so that'll add onto the inactivity. ​


Sorry about this recent news....